How to evaluate ergonomic mesh chair?--
How to evaluate ergonomic mesh chair?
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The rgonomic mesh chair is already one of the office furniture that can't be separated from work. There are many styles of office chairs on the market, and the configuration is not the same. The office chair manufacturer has different comments on each rgonomic mesh chair. The design, configuration and style of the office chair are determined by the production strenrgonomic mesh chair hgth of the office chair manufacturer. The office chairs produced by the good company are of high quality and high configuration, which is not good. Manufacturers produce ordinary office chairs, so the quality of office chairs on the market is uneven. When people buy office chairs, if they only judge the quality of the chair by the appearance and price of the chair, it is impossible to make effective evaluation.

So how to evaluate the office chair, the next few steps of the evaluation, first test the flexibility of the caster sliding, the general office chair basically has casters, the irregular office chair casters will not be smooth during the sliding process, the blocking feeling is strong. The daily use of such an office chair may pose a safety hazard to the user.

Then it is to test the stability of the office chair. Usually, some people sit on the office chair and turn the chair around the center of gravity. The office chair will not show signs of rollover and back. It is necessary to evaluate the stability of the office chair.

Followed by the impact test of the office chair base, the general manufacturer uses dozens of kilograms of heavy items to continuously impact the base hundreds of times from the height. If the base is not damaged, it is considered a qualified public chair. If the base of the office chair cannot withstand the impact of strength, the office chair may be damaged in daily use.

Finally, the situation is followed by the chassis. The chassis is mostly to look at the thickness of the top plate. The thickness determines the safety factor. Some bad businesses will use inferior steel or reduce the thickness of the top plate. If the gas rod accidentally bursts, it will penetrate. Damage to the top and base.